Power of the Seed

Isn’t it interesting that the word of God is called a seed in many instances in the bible?  For example, looking at Luke 8:11, Mark 4:30-31 and 1 Peter 1:23, you discover that the word of God is referenced as a seed.

I find that intriguing and interesting. I am definite that this reference to the word of God as a seed is to give us clues on how to get the word of God to work for us. Remember Romans 1:20? It states that the things of God can be understood by studying the things God has created that we can see. With that in mind, I am sure that if we handle the word of God the same way we handle seeds, it will produce much more for us than we currently experience. Let’s explore this line of thoughts together.

What’s the first thing we notice about a seed?  I don’t know about you, but I think first thing you notice is that most seeds look dead and incapable of much. Seeds are relatively small, at times they look dry and useless to the untrained. You’ll agree with me, won’t you? Isn’t that the same way some of us see the word of God? We sometimes tend to see the Word of God as dead, boring and incapable of much. In fact, to some, the seed, in this case, the word of God, does not really have any use. Yet a skilled farmer knows that seeds have unseen life in them. He knows that every good seed handled properly will produce to feed nations. It will even produce other seeds!

Is it then any wonder that the bible says that the word of God, the seed, is full of life and power? Check out 1 Peter 1:23 where it says it’s living and incorruptible; John 6:63 where Jesus says the word is life and Hebrews 4:12 where it is declared that the word of God is living and active!

Activate the Seed to Produce Fruits

We also know that every seed unplanted or unplanted properly remains just that – A SEED. It does nothing, it’s worthless and useless, it produces nothing.  I believe the same applies to the Word of God. The word of God unplanted produces nothing. Every seed needs to be planted, watered, nurtured and protected for it to produce to its potential.

In same manner, I am definite that we need to plant the word of God in our hearts, water the word planted, nurture and protect it before the word can produce for us. Otherwise, the scriptures wouldn’t’ have referred to the word of God as a seed.  Until we start treating the word of God as the seed that it is, we will keep struggling and wondering why things aren’t working for us in spite of the many promises of God.

For example, I am sure that just like one is very deliberate in planting seeds, planting mango seeds for mango fruits and apple seeds for apple fruit, we need to deliberately plant prosperity seed for prosperity fruits and healing and health seed for similar fruits, we won’t enjoy the benefits of the word. You get my drifts, right?

The million-dollar question then becomes how to apply the same process of seed handling to the word of God. I know you are like me, you are desperate to have the word of God produce for you. Before you become too bored, I ‘ll just quickly dump it here for you to use.

5 Steps to Activate the Word of God to Produce results

Step 1 – Locate the Seed

A farmer will locate the seed based on the fruit desired. If he wants rice, he looks for rice seed. If it’s maize that’s desired, he looks for maize seed.  The farmer won’t go planting orange seed if what he desires is olive fruits. 

For the word to be effective, you need to understand what you want first. Is it prosperity you need or healing? Direction or peace? Promotion or wisdom? What do you want? Once you are able to define what you desire, the rest is easy. You need to locate the word of God regarding your desired fruit(s). Let me just put it out there, it doesn’t have to be one thing. It can be combination of things. Just like a farmer can have multiple plantations, you can plant multiple seeds at same time.

All you need is to search and find the seeds. And then, like Psalms 119:162 states, you will end up rejoicing as one who finds a great spoil when you’ve located the seeds you require.

Step 2 – Plant the Seed

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SHow and where do you plant the seed? Proverbs 4:10 – 27 and Joshua 1:8 gives us all the clues we need. We plant the seed into our heart by thinking about the seed. But not only thinking about it, but we also need to recite or mutter the seed regularly for us to plant it into our heart. It’s a requirement for us to recite the promises located over and over again until it settles and is absorbed into our hearts. It might take days, it might take weeks, it might even take months, but keep at it. It is being planted

Step 3 – Water the Seed

After planting, you need to water the seed though. You don’t just ignore the seed and hope it will survive on it’s own. You water it to ensure it doesn’t die.  You’ve got to keep watering the seed.  How do you water the seed? By thinking daily on those words and scriptures we located. I discovered that it does help to recite those scriptures to myself repeatedly and regularly. No wonder God commanded in Joshua 1:8 for daily meditation. It’s the process of watering.

Step 4 – Nurture the Seed

Someone asked me how to nurture the seed. I discovered it’s by practising the word. Making sure that you look out for every opportunity to nurture the word.  For example, how do I practice prosperity when I am seemingly still poor. I discovered that nurturing can also be called validating. It means that you stop speaking based on your condition but based on the seed you planted. Instead of saying you are poor, you affirm your prosperity, not because your bank account has changed, but because you know you have planted the seed in your heart. To nurture the word, you must keep reaffirming to yourself the truth of God’s word in your life irrespective of your immediate situation. Think about it, this aligns with Joel 3:10; Psalms 35:27; Job 22:29; Hebrews 10:23 and many more.

Step 5 – Protect the Seed

Now we know that during the development of the seed, there are quite a few things that might attack the seed to destroy it. Think about the wind, the insects etc. Same for the word of God. Think about Matthew 13 for a moment.

There are things that will come to contradict the word of God in your life. Your bank account will seek to tell you that your efforts is in vain; your body will scream at you that you aren’t yet healed; your circumstances will seek to invalidate the word of God in your life. But hey, you know what’s happening and what to do.

You must protect the word in your heart. You must prioritize the word. You must make up your mind to trust the word irrespective of experiences. If the word says you are healed, you must decide to believe the word instead of your doctor or your body. If the word says your path is getting better, you must believe the word instead of your experiences.

That’s what it means to protect the word. You protect the word, because if you don’t protect it, it will be destroyed, and you won’t even remember you planted it. No wonder Proverbs 4 says we should guard our heart. That place literarily means to protect our heart.

What’s amazing is that the battle of the mind we go through before we reap the harvest of the word is just before the word starts producing for us. The last stage before the harvest shows up is the stage of protection!

If we succeed in protecting the word, then the next stage is harvest!!!. I found out that it’s easier for me to protect the word by constantly reaffirming the word as true in my life even during the fiercest bombardment of my thoughts with doubts.

Anyways, once we have gone through the above, the next stage is for the word to start working for us on its own. It will produce promotions, prosperity, healing, direction, peace of mind, love unrestrained – depending on what we planted. And then we can start enjoying the produce of the word.

Having said all this, I want to leave you with a very serious thought though:  We all know that it takes time between planting the seed and enjoying the harvest. We also know that the fruits of the seed planted makes the process between planting and harvest more than worth it. Now that you know what to do with the word, will you do it? If I were you, I will quickly get down to business and start planting the seed of God’s word in my heart today. If I can do that, I know it’s only a matter of time before it starts producing for me.

To help you get started right away, the Media team have created a document with prosperity scriptures. Download FREE to your device and use it regularly to sow prosperity seeds in your heart. Essentially, we have helped you with step 1. Perhaps you are a secret billionaire, and you want other scriptural seeds, simply let us know in the comments below